Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good news came in the mail this week; we've been matched to a little boy! His name is Andrey and he's 20 months old. He lives in a baby home in Moscow. We also had an opportunity to view a short video of him playing with his toys and interacting with his caregivers. He is adorable; he has big, brown eyes, dark hair, and a chubby face. It really didn't matter to me what he looked like, it's just nice to see his little face!

Andy and I must have watched his 3 minute video about 30 times over the past few days. It's hard not to imagine him home with us, running around the house, playing with his toys, reading to him. What a joy it will be once he's here; I want the time to go quickly, but we still have a few things to get settled before we bring him home.

Next we'll send his video and medical history to an international adoption specialist. Fortunately there is a group right here in Philadelphia. I've already put a call in to their office and hopefully we'll hear from them shortly. After that we'll send our dossier to Russia and await their invitation to come and meet him. I'm hoping that we'll make our first trip to Moscow within the next 2 months. We're hoping to have him home in time for his second birthday, June 3rd!


Dunc said...

Congrats, how exciting!! I hope that time flies and he's here before you know it.

Neeps said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you. Moscow is my neck of the woods so if you need an American host family or help finding a place to stay for less than $400 a night, let me know.