Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Scenes from a Party

The cutting of the "cake't".
V and his Uncle John test the laws of aerodynamics.

V and his cousin Conor plot their next moves ...

Grandma Sophie!

Grandma Birdie!

Grandpa Quakie!

Aunt Betty and Uncle Teddy

"I like making noise and eating cake't!"

Vincent with his Aunt Meg and Uncle Dave

Anna, Emily and Rachael head off on an adventure, followed by neighbor Nate.

Scenes from a Party

Vincent checks out his birthday cake at his 3rd birthday.
Vincent's cousins, from left Rachael, Emily and Anna, with Toby the Dog

Monday, June 15, 2009

More trampoline!!


Vincent enjoys his new trampoline, given to him on his 3rd birthday by his grandparents, Birdie and Quakie, and his Aunt Meg and Uncle Dave.