Friday, April 4, 2008

The Waiting Game

Now that we're getting a little closer to the time when Andrey to comes home, it seems even more and more difficult to wait. Months ago, amid the initial sea of paperwork, becoming a parent seemed more abstract. We'd say at just about every dinner out, "better enjoy this while we can." Sleeping in? Doesn't happen often given our schedules but there was always some time we could find to have a lazy morning. Most of our weeknight evenings are quiet and organized.
I'd happily enjoy these moments knowing that we would be in for a huge change down the road.

Right now we're in limbo; becoming a parent is no longer part of the distant future. Yet it's enough of a wait to make my heart ache when I watch his video and see him waving his little chubby hands in the air. I'm ready to take him home with us, right now. Ready to hear his squeals of delight as he runs around the house. Ready for evenings that are hectic yet wonderful because he is with us, adding a dimension to our lives that just didn't exist before he arrived. Ready to temporarily suspend those dinners out in lieu of the three of us around our dinner table. Ready to have him become a part of our family. For so many years I wasn't ready. Now he just can't get here fast enough.

So for now we continue to wait. We're waiting for Russia to issue us a travel date so we can fly to his baby home in Moscow and meet him. We're hoping that this will happen in May. It really can't happen soon enough, though we're taking full advantage of life pre-child until then. Dinner and a movie, anyone?

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