Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Court Date!

I never thought I'd be happy about having to show up in court! We got the good news that we're headed back to Moscow. Our court appearance is scheduled for July 15th; we'll arrive several days ahead of time so we can spend time with Andrey and take care of some paperwork.

We're hoping everything will go smoothly. In the meantime, I have some serious shopping to do. We're bringing new clothes for the kids in the babyhome, plus we have to get gifts for all 8 of his caregivers and a few other people. I am so not a shopper, nor am I a fan of spending money (ok, I'm cheap, I'll admit it), so this will take some effort on my part :-) It is fun to buy stuff for kids who so deserve something nice.

Andrey's (soon to be Vincent's) room is almost ready. We have not yet childproofed the house (the outlet protectors and cabinet locks are all still in the bag) Andy will be out of town this weekend; looks like I have plenty to keep me busy.

Many people have asked how we've been able to be so patient; waiting for our court date, waiting for the date of our final trip, etc. It's all part of the process. We knew what we were getting into when we chose to adopt, we knew there were many uncertainties along the way. We knew it would be a big financial endeavor. Finally it's all coming together and the waiting will be worth it. In the meantime we've had a few family emergencies in addition to work and daily life that have kept us occupied. Soon all this excitement, confusion, and last-minute travel arrangements will be behind us, and we'll fall into a routine with our new son. It can't happen soon enough!


AJ said...

So very, very exicted for you! Lots of prayers for safe travels and no problems. Cannot wait to see pics of the new guy at home.

And of his first homemade cake next year!

mama2B said...

Aw, AJK, thnks for your well wishes! Hope you are well! We're very excited!


ChicagoDeb said...

Best and warm wishes, have a safe trip.

Love, Deb

Kim-n-M&Ms said...

We are praying for you every day--we love you and little Vincent already. Best wishes and God bless you both in your travels. Love, Kim, Marc and Michael