Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is our little guy's second birthday. Initially we had hoped that he'd be home with us in time for his birthday; guess that just wasn't meant to be. When we saw Andrey last, I didn't ask the orphanage whether or not they'd have a little birthday cake for him. I didn't want to hear their response if the answer was "no". I mean, that's alot to ask, considering they have many kids to care for and not alot of resources available to them.

You can bet that he'll have a homemade birthday cake next year. Maybe even a present or two as well as plenty of birthday hugs and kisses. I'm sure he'll also be fussed over by friends and family since it will be his first birthday home with us.

Things will be very different for Andrey in a few short months. We just have to be patient and stay focused on getting him home safely. It can't come soon enough. Happy 2nd birthday, my love!


Anne and Mike said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Andrey (Vincent Andrew Barry)!!
Anne, Mike and Keira

Pepsi Trot said...

When he gets home, it will be like all your favorite holidays rolled into one!

Happy Birthday, Andrey!
We can't wait to meet you!

Love, Courtney, Angel, Jazz, CJ (all w/two middle names) & Auntie

sandy v said...

hi fudgie,
what an awesome birth date. hmmm, let's see who else do we know know who has this date? that would be me! only the best for the little guy and his parental units.
love you both, sandy

mama2B said...

YEA! I was happy when I found out he will share a birthday with his cool Aunt Sandy!!