Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update: 3 months with little V

My blog update is way overdue...chalk it up to juggling the demands of parenthood and a busy work schedule. Much thanks to all of you who have shown such support and enthusiasm during our adoption process. Though it was very trying at times I'd do it again in a heartbeat; Vincent is the love of our lives.

V's (our favorite nickname for him) adjustment has been nothing short of amazing. We were prepared for the worst case scenario; attachment difficulties, sleeping problems, difficulty expressing and receiving affection, difficulty learning his new language. In 3 months he has gained a 40 word vocabulary, appears to understand just about everything we say to him, has adjusted beautifully to his daycare, and acts as though he has always been a part of our family.
We have seen this quiet, reserved boy evolve into a giggling, laughing, funny, smart 2 year old.
He loves nothing more than being held and kissed. He's grown very attached to Mama and Daddy, as he calls us. He loves for the three of us to be together, whether it's playing outside, reading books together on the couch, or taking him on a little adventure. He knows he has a forever family; I truly believe this.

I never doubted how much we'd grow to love him, of course. But I honestly couldn't even imagine loving him as much as I do. It didn't happen the first time we met him, I have to be honest about that. I think I was more in shock than anything else (as I'm sure V was, too) It was an attachment and love that grew over time. To the point that the first time he was really "ours", when we picked him up from his orphanage and drove back to the hotel with him, I knew
that there was NOTHING I wouldn't do for this little boy. Nothing I wouldn't sacrifice for him. I could imagine loving any child born to me any more than I love V. We're a family now, the three of us.

V has also had his share of adventures since arriving home with us. He ran into a bookcase and got a few stiches in his forehead. Not a big deal, of course, but as many parents feel, I wished it had happened to me instead of him. As a reminder he has a little scar smack in the middle of his forehead.

V is a funny little kid. He loves his stuffed animals and always has one of them with him. He sleeps with all of them piled in his bed (in addition to several books and a few toys). He loves bananas, peanut butter, fruit bars, and milk. If he ate nothing else I think he'd be ok with that
:-) He loves to dance (Andy has shown him a few moves..think "Saturday Night Fever") and he will "take a bow" after he's done an especially cute routine. He loves to help out, whether it's bringing his cups and bowls to the kitchen after dinner, picking up his toys, or carrying a box of something in from the car after grocery shopping. The boy also loves riding in the grocery cart when we go shopping. He loves to "kiss" everything; his toothbrush after he's finished using it, the gallon of milk before it's put back in the fridge, his favorite book after we finish reading it.
V also loves daycare (thank God!). That makes my life much easier! He's also grown very attached to his Grandparents and his cousins. He will drop what he's doing, squeal with delight, and run to them full speed when he sees them.

In short, Vincent is just an absolute joy. It's hard to imaging life before he arrived, though I vaguely remember having alot more time to myself :-) Thanks ok; all part of the parenting package. An amazing job in my humble opinion.


Rosalie T. said...

What a wonderful boy you are! And growing so big! Can't wait to see you again soon.

Love, Rose

Tuin-Trio said...

You have a way with words, Kimi! Loved reading about your joy and journey into the world of parenthood. Vincent is blessed to have you & Andy as his mama and Daddy--just as much as you are to have him. All the best in the new year! Love, Kim, Marc and Michael

Linda H said...

A beautiful commentary, my friend! As lucky as you & Andy are to have V, the little tyke is lucky to have you. I'm sure he knows that!
Love, Linda